Reflections on Travel and Health

Reflections on Travel and Health

This series is authored by Ali B. and documents her struggle with Lyme Disease.

One evening this week, I lit candles, made myself a nice English cup of tea, turned on some Spanish music, and opened my photo albums. The albums contained pages and pages of photos capturing my travels to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

I remember waking up to the morning prayer in Morocco, looking out the window and seeing the exotic rooftops, sipping Moroccan tea. I think back to those years and compare. I know that’s not necessarily healthy, but I like to see where I’m at health-wise.

As I continue to flip through the photo albums,  I think back to how I felt then and I recognize that I had anxiety and struggled to know what path to take.

Traveling fed my soul, but it also was a salve for a restless young woman who was tired of being told what to do and spoken to like she was not worth much.

My Resolve Has Returned

I close my albums and decide that somehow I’m going to travel back to Europe and Morocco with my kids and realize that the mere fact that I’m thinking about such a trip shows I’m better.

Nowadays, I religiously take my CBDs, meditate daily, and maintain a healthy diet ...and the anxiety and PTSD barely touch me now. My brain is so much more alert and switched on than it used to be. It's remarkable!

As I sip my tea, I realize it's time to take the next step in my life. First, I will head back to the gym to start toning what’s healing. I also resolve to strengthen my boundaries and emotional well-being, because I have seen how people take advantage of a person who is weak. 

Things Change...

When you start healing, you no longer need your old life or some of the people who were in your circle. You may lose people as they spin away from you they can no longer use you. That is a blessing!

I have found that true healing is not only physical, but also emotional; and as your brain starts to wake up your life changes and new doors open. 

...Stay on the Path!

People have said to me they have tried CBDs on and off. I recommend staying on them. I've been taking CBDs religiously now for nine months, and the changes keep coming! The physical healing is obvious and wonderful, but I had no idea how it would effect my thinking and make me rethink how I conducted my life.

I did not feel overwhelmed by the stresses of life like I used to, and my brain is once again my friend.  My brain would have surely shut down in response to a stressful even before, but now my mind is my friend. (Not sure what I mean by that? Drop me a comment, and I'll be happy to elaborate).

Here is to healing! My improved health has made me want to do more and support myself more, for the first time in years I have found something that’s working.

All the traveling all life’s experiences happened for a reason.. now I wonder what new doors I’ll open!

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