Part 2: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger!

Part 2: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger!

This series is authored by Ali B. and documents her struggle with Lyme Disease. Read Part 1 here.

Ali BIn my last blog post, I shared about how I contracted Lyme disease, and detailed some of my struggles with it. If you haven't read that blog post, please start there; this is Part 2 of my story.

In 2015, my life story was being co-authored by someone who did not have my best interest at heart. The very weaknesses I tried to hide behind smiles were twisted and used against me.

During that time, I was also on the hunt for healing the autoimmune disease that I had been diagnosed with. (Remarkably, Lyme disease was still not my diagnosis. I had been told by medical professionals that I had an autoimmune disease… which I do, but it’s triggered by the Lyme disease - which they missed.)

I tried all kinds of treatments, and spent thousands of dollars searching for relief. As of this writing, I have been treated in Spain, Australia, Mexico, USA and the UK.

I Tried Everything!

Desperate for a miracle, I heard about Helminthic Therapy. Helminthic Therapy is an alternative treatment therapy whereby you infect yourself with hookworms, which grow in your intestine and start to calm your immune system.

Advocates say that the therapy is like a song being sung to calm a crying baby; like a lullabye, the hookworms calm an overactive immune system.

Desperate for anything that would make me feel better, I allowed approximately 30 hookworms to be put in my body.

Pretty quickly however, I realized that I was not getting the results I had so badly wanted and needed. In fact, I was struggling and my nervous system was chaos.

One day I realized that the hookworms were hurting me, not helping. I needed my immune system to be strong, not asleep!

It was a depressing time for me. I truly felt that I would never find health again.

“This is Not How It Ends, Girl. Keep Trying”

In the depths of frustration, and at a time when I felt like giving up, I heard a voice that said, “This is not how it ends, girl. Keep Trying!”

I killed the the hookworms and continued my journey.

The journey was not easy! My brain used to shut down with stress and anxiety. PTSD was a daily struggle for me.

This became my reality, until one day in 2018 I decided that I was literally sick and tired of being “Sick and Tired”.

This is the Way I Stopped being “Sick and Tired”.

  1. It Started with Journaling

    I remember one morning, when I had been lying awake for hours, anxiety twisting my brain in knots until I couldn’t stand it anymore. When I could take no more, I fished out my journal and started scribbling everything that made me feel GOOD, and everything that made me feel BAD.

    I even made a list of the people who were good for me (my tribe) and those who were not.

    I must have written for two straight hours that morning, and I took no prisoners. I left it all on the paper, knowing at some deep level that I had to get real and change my life. This was my chance!

  2. I Pledged to Myself to Not Cheat Myself

    I started that morning to keep strictly to my diet. While there is no doubt in my mind that wholesome food and a healthy diet has been a huge part of my healing, and I had learnt what makes my body feel good and what didn’t, I had at times cheated with sugar or some gluten free yummy snack that at that moment in time my body didn’t like.

    That morning, I decided that I wasn’t going to cheat myself anymore.

  3. CBDs and Other Healthy Practices Rounded out My Routine

    I started taking CBDs and meditating daily. I rested, slept, worked out, and slowly started to build myself up emotionally.

    After only two weeks on this regimen, I noticed that I no longer needed my two-hour daily nap, I had more energy, was able to accomplish more, and do it consistently.

Feeling good more often than not is an incredible feeling; and something you might not even realize is a gift until it’s gone.

Today I’m able to keep on top of my life and take care of the stresses that I felt were beyond my control. I say to friends, “If I have my health I can handle anything!”.

On the Path of Strength

For the first time in over 20 years, I know I am on the right path and it doesn’t matter what Dr. said this and what Dr. said that. I don’t listen to all the Negative Nancys who doubted my determination.

I forge ahead, remain true to myself and what I believe. I choose every day to rise above it and keep telling myself, You can do this! Search out your tribe and listen to your body! Fill your life with love and positive stories of people who can and did , and when the day becomes too much know you can sleep and try again tomorrow.

This morning, at my weekly chiropractor appointment, my chiropractor adjusted and felt around my back he said, "You have a lot more muscle tone here. I can feel it!”

That made me smile. You’re right, Mr. Chiropractor. I am MUCH stronger!

If you are struggling with Lyme disease, anxiety, PTSD, or any ailment that you think you can't rise above, please know you're not alone and you have the ability to overcome it. 

With love,

Ali B.

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