6 Important Things You Should Know About CBD Oil

6 Important Things You Should Know About CBD Oil

If you suffer from anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, or a more serious medical condition such as epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, you’re likely familiar with how difficult it can be to find practical and adequate treatment.

Luckily, hemp CBD oil may provide a natural and effective solution for people like you who are searching for relief.

But what is CBD oil, and what does CBD stand for, anyway?

CBD Defined

CBD is the abbreviated form of cannabidiol, a substance found within the cannabis plant (from which hemp is derived) that shows promise as a treatment for numerous medical conditions, preventative measures, and wellness applications.

What You Need to Know 

Before you purchase any CBD oil for sale, we encourage you to do your research and learn the science that underscores the numerous CBD oil benefits you’ll find listed by countless enthusiasts.

Below, we’ve covered six basic facts about CBD to help you stay informed as you consider the ways that CBD can benefit your own health.

  1. Cannabidiol is one of many substances called cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. CBD, along with THC, is one of the major cannabinoids present, but other hemp substances such as terpenes and phenolic compounds have also proven their worth as promoters of good health.

  2. One reason that CBD is taking the world by storm is its primary distinction from THC. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause the “high” many cannabis users feel after ingestion. This way, the use of CBD oil for anxiety and CBD oil for pain (for example) can provide maximum benefit without the symptoms associated with THC.

  3. While CBD is not psychoactive in the same way as THC, it is still a psychotropic substance. In other words, CBD can still affect one’s mental state, just like prescription medications prescribed for anxiety and depression do, for example.

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  4. There’s more than one way to take CBD oil. Depending on both individual preference and the motivation for use, numerous delivery methods exist to create convenient and pleasant experiences for multitudes of CBD users. For example, CBD is available as tinctures, topical creams, sprays, and vape liquids.

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  5. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has been researching CBD in earnest for the past two decades and has found numerous wonderful benefits of CBD oil. One of which is that CBD is actually capable of combatting the effects of the most psychoactive cannabinoid found within the cannabis plant—THC.

  6. Using CBD is a highly individualized experience, and CBD oil effects can vary greatly from person to person due to numerous factors including the user’s sex, genetics, overall health, and tolerance levels.

    Plus, CBD can be mixed with other components and supplements such as essential oils or other chemicals found within the cannabis plant, further boosting its positive effects and customizing the user’s experience. 

Now that you better understand a few key facts about CBD, you’re ready to begin your own journey with CBD in earnest. Remember, there is always more to learn, and new research is being published all the time. We'll do our best to keep this blog updated so that you can stay informed!

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