CBD and Lyme Disease - My Journey Begins

CBD and Lyme Disease - My Journey Begins

This series is authored by Ali B. and documents her struggle with Lyme Disease.

The Day That Changed My Life

Ali B
I remember it like it was yesterday...the day that changed my life.

I had just returned to my native England from Austria, where I was working as a nanny. I was 18 and after a walk in the woods, had been warned by the family I nannied for to check for ticks. They told me that ticks in that area carry a disease called Lyme disease that could make me very sick.

At my young age, I had no idea what Lyme disease was. I had never even heard of it! (Sadly, I've found that the majority of healthcare and medical professionals I've consulted with don't know much about it either. This is still a huge problem in 2018; Lyme disease is very misunderstood.)

As I undressed to climb into bed after a very long day of travel, I saw a tiny, black/brown beetle-like insect attached to my inner thigh. I felt panicked, and my heart dropped as I did everything I could to remove the tiny tick. I finally succeeded in removing the parasite and went to bed hoping and praying this little tiny creature had not infected me... little did I know the journey that I had unwittingly just begun.

Little Tick. Big Problem.

A few days later, I noticed a red rash that had formed around the area, but because I was a very private person, I kept it to myself.

Approximately two weeks after the tick bite, I became very ill.

I felt like I had come down with a horrific flu; my whole body hurt and I had a chest infection. I couldn’t shake the flu, I couldn’t eat, and the pain was terrible.

The lady I had nannied for came to see me as I lay in bed coughing, and I remember seeing the concern in her eyes. She mentioned something about Lyme disease then, but looking back, NO ONE could have known the seriousness of the disease that was beginning to infect my body. No one took me to see a doctor, as they thought that it was a sickness that would eventually pass.

Ffwd 17 Years. My Health is Finally Returning!

As I sit here now, a woman in her mid-40s who lives a world away from where she grew up, I reflect on the 17-year journey that has taken me to many countries.

Ali and her girls
I now live in San Diego, and am finally in a place where my health is coming back. I have more energy than I have had in many years, and my body feels relaxed. The pain that I endured for too many years has gone, and I wake up ready for the day ... not feeling drugged and wishing I could go back to sleep.

I’m a single mother of two wonderful little girls, and am accomplishing more now than I have in nearly two decades. Because of everything I've been through, and feeling better than I have in a long time, I finally have the confidence to share my journey, including its missteps and pitfalls. But, more importantly, I want to share what has helped me beat this insidious disease.

I'm so excited to finally feel WELL!

Nothing Was Working... Until I Found CBD

I’ve spent years and countless dollars on doctors, hospitals and clinics trying to find help, and I'll share those stories in upcoming blog posts. What really worked for me is that I found a way to heal and calm my system: CBD oil.

The CBD oil is doing something at a deep, deep level. It is helping me where the drugs didn’t and the alternative treatments I tried couldn't. 

I can't wait to share more of my story with you! 

Click here to read Part 2 of this story, and please comment if you feel inclined to do so. I promise to read all your comments and will do my best to respond to each and every one.

I'll leave you with one last thought: If you are struggling with Lyme disease, you're not alone. Please remember that.

With love,

Ali B.

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